Tallulah & Poppy is a women’s apparel line founded on the concept of slow fashion - the movement of designing, producing, and purchasing garments based on quality, longevity, and “green” ideals - with a commitment to sustainability, ethical labor practices, and the environment.  We value and place an emphasis on quality, premium workmanship, and timeless design.  The Tallulah & Poppy brand is for the contemporary woman, the woman who values quality as opposed to quantity, who enjoys life and all it has to offer, isn’t afraid of new experiences or taking risks, and has fun doing it – the woman who really lives life to the fullest. 


The Tallulah & Poppy aesthetic consists of classic silhouettes and clean lines, printed and textured fabrics, and the balance of both colorful and neutral palettes. We strive to help women solve their clothing needs and build a long-lasting wardrobe.  Our motto is “less is more” - high quality, timeless pieces with a life span for each woman, rather than a large amount of trendy, disposable clothing.


Tallulah & Poppy is a direct-to-consumer, pre-order platform. Providing complete transparency of our supply chain and factories to our customer. We believe our customers have the right to know - as well as value knowing - where and how their garments are produced.


Tallulah & Poppy is proudly made in America. 

Our Story

Meghan Doyle’s aspirations of becoming a clothing designer and entrepreneur began when she was a freshman in high school.   She grew up in Winchester, MA, a suburb northwest of Boston.  As a teenager, Meghan was constantly sketching designs, deconstructing and reconstructing garments, and also took sewing lessons.  While in high school she made a plan to earn both a business and design degree because she felt both were necessary for the foundation of owning and operating a successful clothing brand.


Meghan graduated from Roger Williams University in 2009, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Minor in Psychology.  She then continued her studies at the School of Fashion Design in Boston and graduated in 2013.  Throughout her education at the School of Fashion Design she held various design internships at local clothing companies. 


Upon graduation from the School of Fashion Design, Meghan worked as a Technical Designer at Appleseed’s, a women’s apparel brand on the North Shore of Massachusetts. In the fall of 2013 she participated in Boston Fashion Week, launching her first capsule collection.  Meghan launched her second capsule collection in January 2014 at StyleWeek Northeast. She then worked in Product Development as both a Technical Designer and Designer at the TJX Companies.  Meghan was committed to furthering her design education and enrolled in the Continuing Education program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design; where she took courses in Digital Tools for Fashion and Textile Design.  Throughout her time at The TJX Companies and Massachusetts College of Art and Design she also worked as a freelancer for local clothing brands.  After years of education and industry experience Meghan felt prepared to pursue her dream and goal of being a creative entrepreneur.  Finally, in the summer of 2016 she committed fulltime to launching her women’s clothing brand, Tallulah & Poppy.